Run Forest Run 43Km @Gasselte

Last Sunday I ran what was my longest run ever: 43Km. As if the distance itself wasn't enough, it was a trail run!!! Trail runs are great. The main challenge is that they are mostly unpredictable: you never know what exactly to expect in terms of terrain conditions, obstacles, woods, tracks and etc - but this is also what makes it so nice!!! We did some 26 and 30Km trail earlier this year before these 43Km. These are important steps in our training program. As some of you already know, we have a 50K trail as our main objective/ challenge for this year!!! Running those 43Km was great to see how we improved in the last months, but also to see that there is still a lot work to do. I have to le


My parents were recreational (but very enthusiastic) sailors and members on a sailing club in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For that reason, I grew up surrounded by boats and according to them it would be impossible for me to remember the first time I stepped on a sailboat. However, at the age of 7 I participated on my first introductory course and started my journey in the Optimist class. After a couple of years getting to know the basics, loosing the fear every child at some point has and learning to have fun while sailing, I finally joined my first tournament when I was 10 years old. It may seem cliché, but at that very day I felt this was it: this was what I wanted to do for a living. I didn't know