Mar-athon Sneek

I wasn't really in the mood. I spent the whole day thinking about not going. I had a bad week and didn't feel like I was mentally prepared for running 42km again. 5 minutes before the start, I couldn't change my mood yet and when we started I thought about never ever doing that again. That would "definitely" be my last one. After all, there is no fuc*£# reason to do this: Why do people run 42km to get back to the exactly same place? But here is what followed: Km1: ok, that's a confortable pace. If I run like this until the end I can make it within 4 hours. Km8: only 8? Really? Oh man... I won't make it. Maybe I should just stop at the next refreshment point. Km 10 (at the r.p.): ok, let's ju