Are you willing or are you doing stuff?

I love making plans, I really do. But what I love the most is making my plans come true. Every "check" on my big plans list makes me feel like a super hero! And before you ask, of course not all of my plans always come true and some of them - I admit - I am afraid never will. But did you ever though about the difference between wishing and doing something? Some people are amazingly good on willing to do stuff. And before you get mad on me, I am not here to criticise anybody: I REALLY appreciate people's ability to have ideas and dreams. On the other hand, some people are surprisingly handy when it comes to doing stuff; Putting plans into practice. Anyway, I caught myself thinking about where

How to teach your dog the commands you need to better run together?

Dogs easily learn what predicts what in their world — trainers often refer to this type of learning as "classical conditioning." Opening the treat jar predicts treats. Leashes predict walks and, at some point running shoes/clothes will predict runs!!! Nothing will better teach your dog the commands than practice and what we call positive reinforcement. Practice, in this case, means backlogging kilometers together and positive reinforcement means you are rewarding the behaviors you like, and ignoring the behaviors you do not like. A reward stimulus can be food, or a variety of other things including toys, freedom to roam, walks, play, and much more. But you can imagine how hard can it be to r

Start running with your dog

Do you want to start running with your dog but have no idea how to do it? If you are also a beginner, that's a great opportunity to build up your physical condition together. Plus, training with your dog will certainly give you an extra motivation to go outside! If you are an experienced runner already, be aware that your dog is not and he or she needs to improve his physical condition just like you did when you began. In this case, you can start doing your warm-ups with your buddy and/or including little intervals of running on his walking sessions. But the very first thing you have to do is to consult a vet and make sure your dog's health is in order and that he is allowed to join you on y