Taking the dogs to the Netherlands

This is my first post in English.

I decided to do it so because it is almost time to turn it into my oficial language.

It will take a little bit more time to be able to do it in Dutch, so I hope you don't mind.

I am sure that my Brazilian friends won't!!!

It has been almost two weeks since I arrived back in Brazil.

I came in order to pick my dogs up and take them to the Netherlands with me.

It is the last step before I consider I have really moved to Holland.

Many people call me crazy when I say that I am going to bring them with me.

It seems easier moving alone: there wouldn't be no need to a special place to live - probably a 5 square meter room would be enough - and I wouldn't need to worry about walking and fooding them.

But the thing is that I can not imagine living without them.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous for some of you, but they are my family - and being family its about chasing dreams but also facing fears (and crazy ideas) together!

Although, if you think deeply about it, you will realize that they will probably help me to know people and make me feel supported in a place that I don't know nobody and where I am not able to speak the official language yet.

They are now laying on my feet and waiting for me to read them what I have just wrote.

They seem to know that something big is going to happen - and they trust me no matter what.

They looked at me turning heads when I started reading in english.

Maybe I should explain them that people may talk to them in a even more weird way where we are going to live, but I forget everything when they start to play to each others ears...

By the way, it is time to our walk.

We have to wait some days more, but I can't wait to show them our new place and the park nearby!

Don't worry, of course I will send you some pics too!!!!

Let's keep in touch.