Without thinking

I was writing about a completely different subject and I was almost at the end when I received a message. Then I deleted everything and started all over again.

I want to write about the fascinating relation between the dutch people and nature, about how they enjoy every single resource of the universe, and finally how life seems to have more value here.

In many times we think that we need more to live, but the truth is that all we need is to live more.

To learn about our essence should be part of the academic development. Our first internship should be to get more experiences with those we love and to find out what our main desires are.

I don´t know exactly what came first. Probably it is everything connected: the philosophy of the bike as a mean of transportation, the presence of nature, the nice relationship with animals and the quality of life.

Here, when the sun comes out, the streets turn into stages. Everybody seems to leave their bubble to enjoy the weather outdoor, to exercise or to have lunch together. They lay down on the grass until filling all the trash bins with lots of Heinekens bottles - which are properly collected before 8am on the next day.

Even I, known by many of you as a worthy outsider, am learning a lot about what is the real meaning of life out there.

By the way, out there is always closer here: there are no elevators or huge walls separating us from the outdoors.

From where I am sitting right now, I can see the street in less than 2 meters away. And before you ask me: no, there is absolutely no noises but the old bikes cruising now and then.

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