Keukeholf 2016

I am sure that his one will be the most colorful post of the year!

I think it is all about being at one of the most beautiful places in the world during the most handsome season!

I might overuse pictures in this post because it is hard to explain only with words. They would´t probably be enough.

Everybody knows that I love nature. Through it I feel connected to the universe. After all, breathing is nothing more than exchanging data with the earth.

And if you still asking yourself: yes, I love flowers.

It wasn´t my first time at Keukenhof. Although, it does not mean that it wasn´t special.

And if what Ralph Waldo Emerson said was truth, that the Earth smiles in flowers, this is the biggest laugh I have ever seen.

It is impossible to look at these many tiny things growing, expanding and thriving and do not thrill.

Here, the spring sounds like a reward for the hard ended winter.

Keukeholf opens once a year and only during a couple of weeks. Even so people come from all around the world to visit it and fall in love with its gardens.

It is pretty, amazing, terrific, startling and spectacular. Probably much more than words are able to describe.

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