Suddenly 30

Suddenly, 30.

Some day you wake up and realize that you got there: suddenly you are 30 years old.

Yes, I also had nightmares about this day.

Ten years ago I thought about how I would be now. I could see myself working very hard in a worldwide known company, earning tons of money, living in a beautiful and huge place, buying everything I wanted and spending the weekends sailing around the world.

In those last ten years, however, I dreamed much more than I actually did; I messed things up probably thousand times more than I did them right and as a consequence, no, I am not that person who I supposed I would be.

Meanwhile I knew some worth people and many others who showed me that not everybody is worthy!

I have no idea of how many times I changed my mind and because of that, many people called me crazy. I carry no hard feelings about them. Really.

I worked with enthusiasm in order to earn enough; Maybe I failed on keeping focused sometimes. People also call me lucky. Of course I am. And I am glad I am!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I took the opportunity to thank life for all my successes, but the truth is that I am even more grateful for all these things that I have not accomplished.

Well, I had an amazing day boating in Amsterdam Canals with some lovely people who are also important part of who I am now.

Thank you for all of you that spent a while in order to write me a message, make a video or phone call.

I wish I could thank you all in person, but unfortunately the teleportation project is one of those many things that I left behind!!!

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