Snow! Neve! Sneeuw!

The weather was my main fear when we (because yes, I also took the dog's opinion into account!!) decided to move to the Netherlands.

The language, somehow, we will -someday (I'm a believer!) - be able to manage.

Actually, the dogs are doing pretty well: they already communicate to the Dutch dogs and people just like as they were born here...They are damn fast learners!!!

But we (not even my smart dogs) will never be able to manage the weather itself.

We can maybe adapt and get used to it, but never change it as I will be able, hopefully, to one day change the language I think in.

It's not ''just'' like doing a course or something like that...

Anyway, I was afraid of it - period!!!

''Cold'' in october

In october I was already complaining about the ''cold'' weather.

HA HA HA - Now I can only laugh about it...!!!

For someone who grew up in Brazil, I though anything below 12oC was cold, and below 10oC was freezing weather!

Well, time past and we are now facing (real) winter and I have only one extra remark:


And of course I have now a new standard:

- Above 12oC = shorts and t-shirt weather

- From 8 to 12oC = Ok, I will put some jacket on

- From 4 to 8oC = Yes, long pants as well

- From 0 to 4oC = I admit it's cold and we definitely will need gloves and a cap!

- Below 0oC = Make sure you have an extra layer and that there will be a tea wherever you are heading to.

Ah! And I might be wrong but because I ran for more than 2 hours and didn't got warmed up in a -6oC day, I also have the impression that from below -10oC on, it should be everything the same: Just make sure you have a lot to read and good internet connexion at home!!!

The days are shorter and many people complain about going to work in the dark and getting back home at the same situation. Sunrises around 8:30 and sets around 16:30.

More interesting, nonetheless, is that I am actually liking (Yeah, it's too early to say I am loving it. Maybe next year...) it:

It's part of an amazing essential cycle - and as a nature lover, I appreciate being able to contemplate this.

Happy family!

Last Saturday the dogs saw snow for the very first time (the smaller ones, because the blond bigger one with a Dutch face is already used to it!).

I saw it only once before in a ski park in Spain. Even though, this time was much more special: we woke up and wooooooooow: floor was covered in white!!! It's beautiful and silent. If I could describe it in only one word, it would be PEACEFUL.

Of course we went to the park and, at the begging, they were a bit, not scary, but with some ''whatta hell is this?'' face. After a while, however, they got used to it and even asked us to play: It was amazing!

People tend to complain if it's warm, because it's too warm. If it's cold, because it's too cold...

Let's just try to see the beauty and the good side of things!

Complaining won't solve, but enjoying will make life worthy!!!

Let's talk about this weird white think you're sitting on right now!

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