TrailRun in the snow!

Why not some stairs after 25Km?!?!?!

Yesterday we went to Appelscha - a nearby village - for a 26Km trail run promoted by Run Forest Run (

The route was awesome (who had the stupid/amazing idea about the stairs at the end?!?!?), but pretty tuff for me - who experienced running in the snow for the very first time!!!

I have the impression that my body is still not really used to this cold stuff and waste a lot of energy trying to keep warm - and didn't really find a balance yet.

Anyway, well inspired by the beauty of this event, I wrote about it in a more poetic way:

Trail running is just like life:

On the starting line you are full of plans, enthusiasm and hope. On the way, however, you face things you never expected, must think fast, adapt and step in the mud sometimes.

At some point you may feel tired and even a bit angry or disappointed - but that's exactly when you must be persistent, stronger and, somehow, keep going.

Later on, you are inevitably dirty and probably wet. You might also have no more physical strength. But motivated by everything you surpassed and did until that point, willingness shows up again and you feel even more powerful - just like when you grow up!

The most important thing, however, is that after each race you can look back and see what went right and what went wrong, be thankful for the lessons you learned and, of course, the people you met.

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