My first marathon!

With regard to sport, I always demand too much from myself. This time, however, I am really proud: running an entire marathon is something I always thought about doing but never truly believed I would.

It was always my second sport, but the fact that I never regretted after a running session made me finally consider it as a first option when I moved to the Netherlands and sailing or martial arts were, for many reasons, not feasible.

So, 6 months ago I got back on track doing my fast 5 or 10Km sessions and never more than 40Km per week. Then I met a Dutch guy who also runs - a lot - and decided to join him on some 15Km and 20Km sessions.

Inevitably came the day that we ran 25Km and I finally realized I was completely in love - not only with the guy, but also with the long distances. And when we talked about me joining him on his next marathon, 3 months later, I was pretty sure about my physical capacities - mainly because I have been super active for all my life - but didn't know if I would be mentally capable - once patience isn't in my strongest point list at all.

45 days before the marathon we did my first 35Km session and I thought that was, definitely, my limit. I didn't know it at the time, but my mind was the one blocking me. I only realized it on the next day, when I had absolutely no leg or any other physical pain. ''So maybe I could go a bit further'', I wondered.

Two weeks before the marathon I completed 1.000Km. And I don't mean to brag, but that's a considerable amount for someone who, 6 months earlier, used to consider 10Km as a long distance!

Well, the day has come and there was no way out. I was going to run a marathon. A

full, whole, entire marathon: 42,125Km. I wasn't nervous or afraid at all. I just wanted to start it as soon as possible and finally answer the question ''Am I capable or not?’’. I told my dogs I was going to do something really stupid and left. A couple of hours latter I came back home to tell them the answer: a solid YES.

Moreover, it turns out that my first marathon wasn't a famous one. Better than that, it was a simple and cozy run in a village close by, and we ran those 42,125Km contemplating amazing landscapes in a really friendly environment with just enough assistance as an event like this needs - which also match perfectly with my principles in life: less is more.

I learned more about myself on those 4 hours and 22 minutes than I probably would by doing therapy sessions for an entire year. And it's not that I am underestimating the power of therapists, it's just that sitting down just doesn't work for me.

Anyway, even if I were the best writer ever, I wouldn't be able to properly describe what exactly feels like preparing for and finally running such a long distance, but if I can give you one single advice based on what I just did, I would tell you to try something you are not sure you can do. After all, finding out answers for real questions is what I understand as the real sense of life...