Life is a Sport!

Besides loving it, I choose working with sports because I truly believe that it saves lives - and I want the world to know it!

When you move to a place that you know nobody, it is easy to get holed up at home in your comfort zone - But living this way will bring you to sadness soon or later.

And sports have this ´´thing´´, you know?

When you don´t believe it can help you is when you most need it.

It brings you some power that you didn´t know you have.

I was in one of those bad days thinking ´´what the hell I am doing here? why the f&*k I left everybody and everything to come to this far and unknown place?´´ when I realized thinking that way wouldn´t help - but exercising would - and I went for a run.

I don´t know if the same happens to you, but running truly helps me to think.

During that 5Km session I built up a plan: I needed a routine, some commitments and goals.

Some days latter I registered for a running competition in the city and also joined a Jiu-Jitsu team.

Because of my training routines, I had to took care of my feeding as well.

And because I am eating better, I also have more energy to study and even to try my english skills writing you!!!

I did quite well on that running competition: something like 19th place among 350 participants.

On the jiu-jitsu sessions I have fun and met nice people who are helping me to feel cozy!