Road to 50Km - Trail training in Terschelling

My admiration for this country is not just an accident, and Terschelling has a lot to do with the reason I moved to The Netherlands. So when I found out there would be a trail event at the island later this year, I finally got inspired (and encouraged) to enrol to my first ultra - which will take place in Oktober.

I have been there this weekend and took the opportunity to train a bit. I didn't run too long or precisely on the event's route because I also wanted to enjoy the fact that my (Brazilian) family was there too. But I couldn't resist putting my five fingers on and exploring the trails out there for a couple of (precious) minutes.

I once read about the empathy one should have with the races they choose to run (Coach Jason Koops) and I must say this won't, definitively, be an issue to me: I am absolutely in love with the Island.

The impression I got is amazing.

I also know for sure, however, that won't be easy. There is always a lot of wind, sand, mud and dunes there. Every time I think about the distance, I feel butterflies on my stomach. It's inevitable.

Anyway, I am pretty much excited and can't wait to get the answer: am I really capable? And if yes, what comes next?!

I will keep you posted! There are now 2 months to go...