How lucky I am ?

Since I got here, 1year and 3 months ago, I spent most of my time studying: English, then for the Master, and Dutch - and I learned a lot. Suddenly I felt, however, that if I kept waiting for the right time to start working, it might never happen: even though I might survive speaking only dutch now, it is still far far away from being perfect of even on an ideal level.

Some of you know me well enough to know I am not exactly the kind of person who has always patience enough to follow all the steps in a process. I like to see results, to get things done and check the items out of my "to do list".

And mainly because I could never be sure about when exactly I would be ready with this "learning dutch" thing, I decided what I have was already enough and went out of the next challenge: WORK.

An opportunity basically came into my door and now here I am, working with something I love. As I always say, my main fascination is to motivate and help people to enhance their best in life. Sports, animals and nature are key-words for me and I am lucky to have found a way of using these as magnificent tools to promote health!