A couple of months ago I started working together with Jan Douma - who happened to become like family to me, by the way. When we met, he asked what were my professional goals and without hesitating, I answered: "I want to run, help people and be around dogs". At one of our (many) brainstorm sessions, the idea of a running group for people with their dogs emerged. I had already been working with people and dogs for a while when in Brazil, but never with a group. And putting too many dogs (and their humans!!!) together might sound, indeed, as a weird and risky idea. But we decided to give it a try.

Since August, we have been running and growing together. Dogs from various sizes and people with different skills learn from each other and, most importantly, have great times. We do canicross, but we also just run, we play and we, all the people and all the dogs, became a big group of friends. And no, we never had any kind of problem with the dogs. That's because running is magical: running makes us happy and running together bring us closer.

We have been on a Canicross event this weekend. And you know, I have this crazy competitive spirit that doesn't let me run in peace when I hear words like “race”, "championship", "tournament" and so on. But the funny thing is that as a trainer, I don’t care about performance anymore: I care about people. I want to see them reaching their goals, but above all, having fun.

It was great being able to run again after a couple of weeks on a forced recovery period, but the best part of running yesterday was seeing the smiles of my friends and running mates with their dogs at the finish line. I feel flattered and blessed to be able to do what I love but also for finding people who believe, support and encourage me to be just who I am. Thank you cani gRunners!!!!

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