My fastest 10Km so far...

I finally feel like writing again. I'm not sure about what happend in the last few months: I had some pretty nice stories, but I simply wasn't inspired enough to actually write about them. Maybe it's part of this learning dutch process, I don't know.

But here I am again. And even though I currently mostly think in dutch, writing remains an issue.

Anyway, let's write about what we actually came for: Last Sunday I ran my fastest 10Km ever (so far)! Last year I ran a lot. And now I decided I want to become faster. However, that's kind of tricky because that definitively doesn't mean just training faster everyday. As a trainer, it's my obligation to know that - and I do. I swear I do. Your body needs time to recover, build up strength and blablabla.

But the problem is that as a runner I also have this (fool/sometimes dumb) competitive spirit that simply can't think in a long term and would just run as fast as possible everyday until I couldn't anymore. So If I went further being my own coach, the runner in me would just don't give a shit to the trainer in me and I would soon get injured and end up far away from my goals.

Fortunately, I have good friends that are also good trainers and I asked them for some help. Having someone else controlling my training helps me to avoid doing crazy/stupid things and I also learn some extra stuff. It's awesome!

It's been exactly one month since Peer van Dijk became my coach. He never actually saw me running before but accepted the challenge anyway. And I guess we are doing great together! In January I ran a total of 375Km - which is also the max I ever ran in a month. But interestingly I am not feeling tired at all. Contrariwise, I feel stronger than ever. That shows that Peer also does an awesome job when it comes to balancing my kms, how hard I must run them and how much I should rest.

Our first main focus is the Rotterdam Marathon, which is in April.

Until there, we are joining some other races as part of the training scheme. Last Sunday, for example, I ran 10,4Km. There I was finally free to run as fast as possible again! And even though we haven't trained specifically to gain speed yet, I ran my fastest 10Km ever: 44'27'' - and was also the first women to cross the finish line (10,4Km in 46'16'')!

Peer was there and I must confess having my coach there brings my competitive spirit to a whole new level! I am not sure why. Bas was there too (who is, by the way, also being trained by Peer and improving a lot!) and also ran amazingly fast!

Even though I had a very bad week last week, sport - as usual - didn’t let me down! I’m glad I choose the right addiction to sink into and, of course, the right people to support me!!!