Are you willing or are you doing stuff?

I love making plans, I really do. But what I love the most is making my plans come true. Every "check" on my big plans list makes me feel like a super hero!

And before you ask, of course not all of my plans always come true and some of them - I admit - I am afraid never will.

But did you ever though about the difference between wishing and doing something?

Some people are amazingly good on willing to do stuff. And before you get mad on me, I am not here to criticise anybody: I REALLY appreciate people's ability to have ideas and dreams. On the other hand, some people are surprisingly handy when it comes to doing stuff; Putting plans into practice.

Anyway, I caught myself thinking about where exactly is the border between willing and doing and the answer is a big and whopping: IT'S INSIDE YOU!!!

It depends only and exclusively on how much you want something. And let's look straightforward: if you are willing something enough to talk about it, you should get out there and just start making things happen. It's worthy, I promise!!!

Today I organised this run to collect trash in the neighbourhood and it was amazingly fun!

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