That Master degree is certainly on better hands!

Today I went watch the presentation of the final projects from colleagues of mine at the Master study I, almost one year ago, decided to quit. As most of you know, I came to The Netherlands simply because I wanted - and that's the answer we all should give when confronted with "why?"s, by the way. But I also needed an alibi and coming for a Master degree was a good one!!!

But it didn't last too long. After one year of (what I thought was) hard work (but still not hard enough) I quit. When I found out the meaning of hard work for this guys -who admirably spend most of their times on a lab- I, with no hesitation, quit. I couldn't even reach the required level of concentration needed to read a full study without getting bored after one page; These guys are amazing!!! Really! If you never though about what scientists do for the society, please take a moment! They basicaly dedicate their lives to help people and enable evolution without, most of the time, even getting the merit they deserve.

These people know how to make and answer questions that helps us, mortals, a lot through daily life. Before I came here, I was considered a good trainer. But when I started the Master study, I started questioning my abilities and, more importantly, my priorities. And questioning, my dear friends, is one of the most significant things I learned on that year. "Be critic", they say. "The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size", after all.

However, the best gift I got from that year of study with all those genius, was my first Dutch friend: Bregje. She was the real reason I went there today for this nostalgic day at the University of Groningen. I saw her working (really) hard (how it's supposed to be and a little extra) for two years long and I was glad to be able to be there to watch her presenting her final thesis. And I'm super proud of her - and glad that there are people like her in this world: crazy enough to enjoy developing science and all the statistics it evolves !!!

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