"My time training with Adriana was a bless, not only productive in terms of fitness objectives but also very fulfilling spiritually as all conversation with her are inspiring besides the fact that Adriana is always with spirits up and with a very positive outlook into life. I highly recommend."

Gabriela Lindemann


São Paulo - Brazil

"Adriana was my trainer while I lived in Brazil (I only stopped training because I moved to New York). She was very good at pushing me while respecting my senior age. I highly recommend her as a trainer and would have loved to continue working with her".

Simone Belda

New York - USA

"Training with Adriana made me finally enjoy exercising. She has a lot of experience,  is super didactic and always there to help us overcoming our limits. 

Moreover, she is always enthusiastic and has a good humor even at 6am! Because of that, exercising became a joy and was no longer a simple duty for me.

Thank you very much, Dida!" 

Nathalie Mehner

Life Coach

Sao Paulo - Brazil 

"Adriana trained my 3 children in their teenage years.

We met her at the yacht club where she was their sailing coach. Later on, she also took care of their physical trainings and always did it with a lot of patience and affection.

Dida (as we call her) is very responsible and organised. She never fails!!!

Highly recommended!!" 

Marisa Peek

​São Paulo - Brazil

''I always thought a Personal Trainer was unnecessary. However, when I met Adriana and her methods, I decided to give it a try and check what would the differences be. I must say that at the end I was positively impressed.


With her, I learned that no big facility is needed. She transforms any place in an amazing gym: give her an empty room and a piece of hope and she will make miracles! 

Besides her creativity, Adriana has also an amazing way to express herself and interact with people, which helps a lot in motivating us.  

I had a really nice experience and I recommend her for everyone!"

Felipe Aragonez,


São Paulo - Brazil


"Met mijn honden Zoë en Jack liep ik al een jaartje hard. Maar omdat ik niet verder kwam ben ik verder gaan kijken of ik met een groep mee kon trainen. Ik heb 1x mee gedaan met een canicross groep in de buurt, maar er was geen klik. Toen ik via de dierenarts een flyer vond van een andere canicross groep in Groningen ben ik bij CaniLopers terecht gekomen. Adriana is hiervan de coach en na een gesprek met haar heb ik besloten om ook personal training te nemen. Dit bevalt me heel goed. Ik ben sneller geworden en heb meer uithoudingsvermogen. Ik train nu zowel met als zonder hond en ook het hele jaar door. Zonder Adriana was ik allang alweer gestopt met rennen en zou ik het pas in het voorjaar weer hebben opgepakt. Adriana is een geweldige coach. Ze is vriendelijk, leuk, gezellig, motiverend maar ook soms streng (en dat heb ik dan ook wel nodig). Dankjewel voor de super begeleiding!"

Ingrid M. Snijder

Groningen - Nederland

" Adriana was my personal trainer for about a year and was always energetic, trustworthy and inovative. She knows how to pace exercises and series to match the needs of the coachee".


Claudio Geiger


São Paulo - Brazil

''Adriana Overgoor, or Dida - how we like to call her - is for us, a super qualified professional. She is constantly looking for improvements and updates to make sure she can always provide us the best training programs ever!

She will certainly bring you to another level and show you that you are more capable than you expect. On the other hand, she is sensible enough to feel and adapt the exercises accordingly when all you need is a ''easy peasy'' session.


When she decided to move to the Netherlands we all knew that we were losing one of our best coaches. You, Dutch people, are lucky to have her there!!!'' 

Ricardo Tadeu Abraao

PhD Chemical Engineer 

London, UK.

''Dida was my sailing coach when I was 12 to 16 years old. I simply love and consider her an important part of who I am. 

With her, I learned not only about boats and sailing competition strategies, but also that we should never give up of our dreams.

This was, without any doubt, the best thing she taught me.  


I am glad I had the oportunity to be her pupil! 

Thank you very much for everything, Di!

Giuliana Tozzi


Sao Paulo - Brazil

"Adriana is an excellent professional. She is passionate about sports and is constantly looking to improve herself. 

The challenging training and workouts sessions with her are a great result of that.

She knows and respect our limits, but always motivates us to bring them to a higher level -and constantly shows us that they were, indeed, beyond of what we thought. 

She conveys trust and love for what she does. It was a pleasure to be able to work with her while she was in Brazil. She helped me to achieve many of my main physical goals. 

I do and will always recommend her!"


Naima Popp


São Paulo - Brazil

"Adriana, I miss you so much!!! You are very important to me.

With 84 years old I was living a super sedentary life, but then I met you and became a new person. I will soon turn 89 years old, but I feel much better, happy and cheerful. Thank you very much for everything. 

With lots of love, 

Mathilde Lacerda Pinto

Sao Paulo - Brazil

" The years I trained with her were, without any doubt, the ones I was in best shape.

She is always there to help, courteous and dedicated. The training programs are notoriously individualised and specific focused on our goals. 

She is funny and always with a good humor, what makes the training sessions a nice entertainment".

Iago Buelau


São Paulo - Brazil